Huguenot Society of South Africa
Head Office: Huguenot Society of South Africa 
(Secretary: Ms Amelia Wolmarans) 
P.O. Box,  Franschhoek 7690,  South Africa
Tel: (27)(21)876-2598;     Fax: (27)(21)876-3649

Aims of the Huguenot Society of SA:

The Huguenot Society of South Africa was established on March 12th, 1953, to preserve and promote the Huguenot heritage by:

  • maintaining the Huguenot Monument and Museum in Franschhoek (meaning "French Corner"), some 70 km from Cape Town, South Africa;
  • keeping the realisation of the meaning of the Huguenot settlement in South Africa alive;
  • undertaking research of our Huguenot heritage, especially with regard to its history, and by supporting  genealogical research; publication of genealogical and historical books of Huguenot interest.
  • publication of genealogical and historical books.
  • encouraging the safekeeping, promotion and financing of Huguenot relics and artefacts in the Huguenot Memorial Museum in Franschhoek;
  • organising Huguenot commemoration gatherings; and
  • seeking contact with other Huguenot societies across the world..
Stamps commemorating the 250th Anniversary of the Huguenot landing in South Africa, issued on July 17th, 1939

Stamps commemorating the 300th Anniversary of the Huguenot landing in South Africa, issued on April 13th, 1988

Regular activities:

  • Since 1953 the Huguenot Society of South Africa publishes an annual Huguenot Bulletin during September, in which research articles, and especially genealogical articles, appear. The editor is Ms Biebie van der Merwe. A CD containing all issues of the Huguenot Bulletin from 1963-2004 is available from the society; see details here.
  • A regular newsletter informs members of the activities of the society.
  • During the Reformation Festival (during the last week of October each year) the annual general meeting of members takes place in Franschhoek, and the society actively participates in the Huguenot Community Festival held in Franschhoek at the same time. 
  • The society publishes genealogies of South African families with Huguenot surnames; a list of available publications is available here.
Membership of the Society is open to everyone who supports the aims of the society and complies with the requirements of the constitution. Membership fees are as follows:
  • Ordinary member (domestic, SA): R50 p.a.
  • Life member (domestic, SA): R300 single payment
  • Couple (domestic, SA): R400 single payment
  • Foreign member (outside SA): USA $30 p.a. or $150 single payment (life membership)
Download an application form for the Huguenot Society of SA by clicking here.  A pamphlet about the activities of the Huguenot Society, as well as an application form, can be downloaded here