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The Viljoen Familieregister (Viljoen Family register) was published in 1978 by the HSRC  (Human Sciences Research Council), Pretoria, after the Viljoen Festival which was held in Stellenbosch in 1976, i.e. three hundred years after the founding parents, Francois Villion from Clermont, France, was married to Cornelia Campenaar from Middelburgh, Netherlands, at the Cape of Good Hope. It was compiled by prof H Christo Viljoen. The whole print edition was sold out within two years..
An explanation of the first generations of the Viljoen family can be seen by clicking here

  Viljoen Family Register genealogy

Since publication of the original genealogy book in 1978, a whole new generation of Viljoens was added to the extended family, and errors in the original work corrected. Additional research into the different branches of the Viljoen family tree resulted in a substantial amount of new information; at present the data base contains information on some 50 000 Viljoens. Henceforth the details of the children of Viljoen females who married someone with another surname are also included in the data base. The second edition of the Viljoen Familieregister was published in 2012 by the Huguenot Society of South Africa. It consists of four volumes and almost 2000 pages, and is in reality a completely new publication. Full details about the publication can be seen by clicking here.

All namesakes are requested to continue to provide their genealogical information for inclusion in the Viljoen database by completing a genealogical form for every male Viljoen in their branch of the family. Please ensure that your branch of the Viljoen family tree is always fully up to date in the database. The form can be downloaded by clicking here. The instructions on the form are self explanatory.

A shortened Viljoen genealogy of the first six generations can be seen at "My Heritage".



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