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Viljoen & Campenaar Families Coats-of-Arms
The Viljoen Family coat-of-arms (right) is derived from that of the French family Villon de Varennes. The shield consists of a golden St Andrew's cross on a red background (Gules, saltire Or). The crest is a pair of golden folded eagle's wings. The mantling is gold and red. The original coat of arms of the Villon de Varennes family has a golden wall crown as crest, but members of the Viljoen Family Association overwhelmingly elected to have a pair of golden folded eagle's wings as its crest during the Viljoen Festival of 1976. This coat of arms is therefore appliccable to all descendants of the Viljoen progenitors, Francois Villion and his wife Cornelia Campenaar
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The coat-of-arms of the founding mother of the Viljoen family, Cornelia Campenaar (also spelled Kempenaar and Campenaere) is shown at left. The crest consists of a standing white (or silver) lion with a golden crown, against a green background. On both sides of the lion a sickle is mounted vertically. The mantling is green and silver. This coat-of-arms is borne by the family Campenaar/Kempenaar in the Netherlands. 

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