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The Viljoen Family Association newsgroup is the internet version of the former Viljoen Family Association (Viljoen Familiebond) which was established during the Viljoen Festival which was held in Stellenbosch in 1976, and was closed down in the eighties. The newsgroup deals in the first place with the Viljoen genealogy with the view of an updated version of the "Viljoen Family Register" which was published in 1978 (click here for further particulars), but also with newsworthy events regarding the extended Viljoen family all over the world.
Anyone can join the Viljoen Family Association newsgroup by sending an e-mail to viljoen-familiebond-subscribe@yahoogroups.com or by visiting the website of the newsgroup which can be seen by clicking here and following the instructions on the website. The moderator of the newsgroup will approve of all genuine applications (a procedure which is unfortunately necessary to prevent misuse of the newsgroups by spammers who join under false pretences). Membership of the newsgroup is not limited to those bearing the surname Viljoen, but all interested persons are welcome to join.
Subscribed members of the Viljoen Family Association newsgroup can participate in the discussions by send an e-mail to viljoen-familiebond@yahoogroups.com which is then automatically distributed to all subscribed members.
Members have to administer their own membership, and can (for example) unsubscribe at any time by sending an empty e-mail to viljoen-familiebond-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com The newsgroup will not only be used for the exchange of genealogical information, but of all newsworthy messages concerning the Viljoen clan as provided by subscribed members, for e.g. the birth of a baby in the family, a wedding, or any other information, for e.g. of Viljoens in the news. A database of family portraits is envisaged. In short, the newsgroup joins all Viljoens all over the world together in one big family. 
Both English and Afrikaans can be used on the newsgroup according to the language preference of the member.





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